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MACADA Ice Case Bottle

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MACADA Ice Case Bottle

Macada ice mold bucket equipped with all 3 elements of hygiene, convenience, cuteness!!!


  • Size: 11 x 17 x 4 cm
  • Volume: 700mlr
  • Material: non-toxic PP
  • Made in China


  • It isn't able to heat and use putting this bucket in a microwave, due to a cold drink container.
  • Be careful a hot drink of high temperature can cause to happen dangerous matters like transforming this bucket, owing to being a container only for cold drink.
  • Not available to clean it in a dishwasher.
  • Clean it to the inside and then use it.
  • Please avoid to clean it with a strong detergent.
  • Be cautious boiling it in simmering water or being in boiling water can happen some safety matters like product breakdown etc.
  • A strong impact to this bucket can cause product damages.

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MACADA Ice Case Bottle

MACADA Ice Case Bottle

MACADA Ice Case Bottle